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We have produced and continue to produce the best for you with our production area.
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We are growing by targeting the best in the sector with our experience of more than 30 years...
We always aim for quality with our expert working team…
We represent our country in the world with our understanding of production that does not compromise on quality.
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With 30 years of commercial history in the iron and steel industry, MTALL is a dynamic and well-established company operating nationally and internationally. Depending on the technological and cultural development of the ever-changing and globalizing world, it continues its activities in the sector without slowing down. Mtall, especially Erdemir products, "hot rolled sheet, pressure vessels, boiler plate, P265 GH: 6341 Erdemir Quality, P355 GH: 6352 Erdemir Quality, P295 GH: 6347 Erdemir Quality, H1 and H2, cold rolled sheet, galvanized, packaged sheet, plate pipe, profile and other iron and steel …
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